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Why the Brain is Our Most Important Organ

It is perhaps no secret that our brain is a vitally important organ that oversees the function of our entire body.  The brain allows us to learn new things, and gives us the ability to think and therefore makes us into who we are.  As your Chiropractor, my main role is to make certain that the brain is fully able to communicate with every cell, muscle, tissue, and organ in your body, without interference.  I do so by removing vertebral subluxations, which are misalignments of the spinal bones that are placing a pressure on a nerve and blocking this vital communication.  

So what exactly is the brain, other than an organ?  It is a collection of over one hundred billion neurons (nerve cells) that are linked to one another.  These interconnected cells that comprise the brain, share information with one another, and pass-on information 24/7.  

Nerve impulses, which are messages, are arriving non-stop in your brain from all parts of the body.  These impulses are actually electrical signals.  Your brain then has to process these messages, and then send instructions back out to the body and organs telling them what to do in order to maintain life.  So, as you can imagine, it is extremely important that the messages arrive without interference to the brain, and that the body then receives instructions from the brain clearly, and without interference.

So, what fun would learning about the brain be if I didn’t include some fun facts, right?  So here you go:

  • An adult brain weighs almost 3 pounds

  • At least 80% of your brain is water

  • Messages travel along the nerve cells at a speed close to 250 miles per hour!

  • Your brain ends up using 20% of your total energy

Take care of you entire nervous system with regular Chiropractic check-ups.  In our Wellness Center, I recommend that our Wellness Members come by once a week for a check and adjustment, the same as I provide for my own family.  You only get one brain and one nervous system, so you best take care of it!

In Wellness and Love,

Dr. Chris

Prana Chiropractic and Wellness

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