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Improve Your Health With Meal Prepping

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Often times we are completely wrapped up in our day at work, home, commuting, attending meetings, and a long list of other obligations. Once lunchtime comes around, because we are so busy, we often times end up making some pretty bad choices regarding food. We settle for a fast food drive thru, or we choice a candy bar and soda from the vending machine or gas station. Problem is, neither of these choices does anything to actually fuel our body, and afterwards we feel lethargic and hungry again.

In order to avoid this type of situation, over the years, I have relied on meal prepping in order to make certain that I always have healthy meals at my finger tips. The process is extremely simple. You just pick a day that you are off or can set aside 45 minutes or so, and cook a week’s worth of meals, ahead of time. Sunday seems to work well for me, so in the morning before I get fully involved in the day, I will grab out a bag of frozen fish, 7 sweet potatoes, and a couple of bags of organic frozen broccoli. I then cook all of the food, using my favorite sodium-free seasonings. Once the food is fully cooked, I divide the food into 7 equal proportions, and place each meal into a Tupperware storage container. I then pop them all in the fridge, and presto, I have a week of healthy Wellness Based lunches ready to go. On the way out of the house each morning for work, I grab one of the lunches, and I am on my way. So, give this a shot and you will see how easy this is! Literally get the food out and ready to cook when you are getting ready to cook yourself breakfast on a given day. Start your meal prepping first, then once it is cooking, prepared your breakfast as usual. Once you have eaten breakfast and start getting dressed and so forth, your week of lunches should almost be finished and ready to pack up! Remember, in order for us to create the Wellness Revolution and take back our health, we must create a healthy lifestyle! Hope this little trick helps to make the process easier and exciting!

In Wellness and Love,

Dr. Chris

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