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Linking Environmental Toxins to Autism

This probably comes as no real surprise, but now there is definitive research linking autism spectrum disorder to exposure to several banned chemicals.  This information comes from the conclusion of a research study conducted by Drexel University.  The group of chemicals that were tested is called organochlorines, and the ill effects appear to occur with prenatal exposure.  The study examined over 1,100 kids born in Southern California between 2000 and 2003.  Their parents had enrolled in a state-sponsored prenatal screening program. 

This group of harmful chemicals includes PCB and DDT, which were common pesticides used for growing non-organic fruits and vegetables.  Although these chemicals were banned in the United States in the late 1970’s, they are still found in our environment.  Blood tests were conducted during the second trimester in order to measure the embryos exposure to these chemicals. 

The study found a 50 to 82% increase in the risk of autism in children that tested with the highest exposure to these chemicals.  While further research is always warranted, this study certainly confirms some group’s suspicions as to why there is such a drastic increase in the occurrence of autism in the United States. 

This is even more justification to live a Wellness Based Lifestyle which promotes organic foods when available, and learning to avoid toxins in the environment.  Not only is this an important step for expecting mothers, but for each and every one of us.  I am often asked if whether or not eating organic fruits and vegetables really matter, and my answer is a definite YES.  I do understand that availability is limited at times depending on where you live, as well as in some cases price.  My general rule of thumb to keep in mind is if a vegetable or fruit has a skin that you are going to eat, then by all means opt for the organic variety if possible. 

In Wellness and Love,

Dr. Chris

Prana Chiropractic and Wellness

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