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Can Aloe Vera Help With Diabetes?

A research study conducted at David Grant Medical Center in California recently discovered that aloe vera, when taken orally, can reduce fasting blood glucose levels. 

Researchers also found reduced HbA1c levels, which are also screened when testing for diabetes.  The HbA1c is glycated hemoglobin, which gives doctors a look at the average glucose levels over a three month period.  Keep in mind that this test is done for Type-II, Adult-Onset Diabetes.  

During this research study, 89 diabetic patients were analyzed.  The findings from this study are suggestive that patients with glucose levels of over 200 experienced the greatest reduction with the use of oral aloe vera. 

So check your local natural food stores for quality, pure aloe vera juice or simply make your own by juicing the stems of an aloe vera plant.  Beware of the aloe vera juices found in many supermarkets or gas stations, as they contain high amounts of sugar.  This of course would negate the positive effects.

In Wellness and Love,

Dr. Chris Prana Chiropractic and Wellness

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